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Beware of Facebook Page Scam

Beware of Facebook Page Scam

Facebook will never ask you to verify your page via a post and tag your page in !!!

This recently a lot of FB Page received tag from FB Page Recovery Page Support 2022 & FB Community and Social Network Policy mentioned your page will be deactivated and need you click a link to do verify, and the link is shorten link from bitly.


Facebook will never send you a shorten link to do verified


Facebook will never send you a link via shorten link, normally will use Facebook.com subdomain. If you click any link, please make sure the URL is correct URL, (eg: Facebook must go to https://facebook.com , Linkedin will go to https://www.linkedin.com/ )
Please check carefully the URL in URL Bar on top or bottom after you have click the shorten link, you never know the shorten link will link to where, many of shorten link will redirect you go to whatsapp or their landing page.

DON'T TRUST the login page interface, because the User Interface can be fake, the purpose of this login is to collect your Facebook Username and your password!!!


Below is These Fake Facebook Page Account


You may activate your Facebook two factor authentication

For more information about two factor authentication, you may click this link https://www.facebook.com/business/help/280940009201586?id=199156230960298 , you can see the URL is from Facebook official page.

05 Apr 2022